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internet everywhere

Open Road Mobile utilizes dedicated cellular data explicitly designed to maximize speed and access everywhere you travel.

With dedicated data plans, Open Road Mobile users enjoy unlimited wireless internet access without restrictions.

  • No Data Limits
  • No Throttling
  • No Contracts
  • No Overages


UnlimIted freedom plan



Freedom LTE

Our routers are engineered for the road.

The Freedom LTE provides reliable connectivity options when traveling. The mobile network created by the Freedom router enables private and secure access to streaming movies, music, social media and data.

OpenRoad products are perfect for RV and Campers, Fleet Field Units, and many other on the road operators.


Download the free Open RoadMobile companion App to manage your router and data plan.

Prioritize the networks you want to connect with and monitor the health of your network using our intuitive interface.

With our Freedom series of routers, getting and staying connected has never been so easy!

Manage your router from any device

Supported devices

Our service will work on many of the industry leading cellular routers and hotspots available today.

They must support the latest bands required by the carriers to enable high-speed LTE data.

We have a list of recommend routers on our website.


The Freedom Series of routers are built using field rated military grade components. The rugged and durable exterior protects sophisticated circuitry designed to keep you connected in whatever rough environment you decide to travel.

Our Freedom Series of routers transform any taxi, minibus, touring coach, limousine, Uber / Lift vehicle, passenger bus, motorhome, or personal vehicle into a powerful roaming WiFi hotspot.


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