Premier Connectivity


For All Vehicle Sizes

From taxis, minibuses and buses through to the largest touring coaches, The Freedom series of routers provide simple & reliable WiFi connectivity for any size passenger vehicle.


• Fast, simple setup

• Low profile rooftop antenna for optimal reception

• No exposed antennas to break

• No signal loss due to extended cabling

• No EMI interference

• Dedicated Indoor Wi-Fi Radio

• Fast & secure connection

• Heavy duty 12-24V regulator

The Freedom Connect

Premier Solution for the Open Road



Always Connected

Successful commercial and shipping companies understand the benefits of “always connected” trucks to help with logistics and improved efficiencies. Beyond providing a stable and secure access point for the driver, operators can monitor systems data on a continual basis, gleaning data that optimizes business.



Reliable Connection

Purposefully built for use in public safety vehicles that make up the bulk of police fleets and fire squads, our routers are rugged and reliable.

Connectivity Everywhere

Unique Data Plans

Designed For All Applications

Our data plans provide the data size you need without throttling for any application. Choose 300GB or 500GB based on the unique needs of your operation.


8×8 300GB Using the same networks as AT&T. 8Mbps max download & 8Mbps max upload. Capped at 300GB of data. Good for surfing and video streaming.


500 Gb of un-throttled data using the same network as T-Mobile. Good for HD streaming and surfing the internet.

highlights & features

  • Dedicated Cellular Connection

    4G LTE Internet connectivity for all connected devices & systems in and around your vehicle

  • SIM Provisioning & plan Management

    Manage SIM Cards & Active Lines of Service from an easy to use account portal

  • Connect Equipment

    Connect network equipment via Ethernet or secure Wi-Fi connection

  • Fleet Tracking

    Track your vehicles with our optional GPS enabled routers

  • Remote Monitoring

    Remotely monitor vehicle/equipment utilizing CAN Bus integration.

  • Integrated SIM card

    Ready to Go internet Connection with simple activation & plan management

  • Aggregated Billing Management

    Track a fleet of routers & active data plans for a simplified billing experience

  • Credit card & Ticketing Machines

    Provide encrypted Internet connectivity for your credit card & ticketing machines

  • View Cameras Remotely

    Provide a reliable connection for monitoring live security feeds & cameras

  • Remote Diagnostics

    Analyze connected systems from anywhere & reduce on-site visits


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