How do I activate my OpenRoad Mobile service?

Included with your router is a SIM card that can be activated by processing through the self-activation process on our website. Visit here to activate your router & service.


No, it is unlimited, but there is a monthly charge.

How long does it take to get my OpenRoad Mobile service active?

Upon initiating the activation process, your OpenRoad Mobile service should be active within minutes; however, the activation process may take up to two hours. 

How do I know if my OpenRoad Mobile service is active and ready to use?

You should be able to search the web using your smart device connected to the Freedom router. The OpenRoadMobile App will tell you when the router is online.

Why do I need a SIM card?

A SIM card allows a device to connect and communicate with the network. Owner-provided devices need a SIM card from OpenRoad Mobile to work.

What wireless networks does OpenRoad Mobile service use?

Your service is backed and carried on one of the nation’s largest telecommunications companies, trusted by millions of current customers. The only difference is lower costs since we don’t have to pay to build or maintain a nationwide cellular network of towers. This means you get the same dependable coverage at a lower cost. Refer to detailed coverage maps for more details.

What is Data?

Data is a term used to described units of time spent connecting wirelessly to the Internet.

Is your service really unlimited?

For the average Internet user, yes! All normal access to services like streaming music, movies, gaming, web surfing, etc falls within acceptable use, granting unrestricted and unlimited access each month. Data abusers are those who use unlimited cellular access for illegal activities like that consume large amounts of bandwidth outside what is typically produced by intended use. Understand that safeguards are placed in from the highest levels of cellular access to maintain control over bandwidth abuse. Any number of separate authorities upstream from us can terminate customer access dependent upon bandwidth usage. If you require special consideration, please contact us. Our relationships with the carriers may provide options outside of normal expected usage. Please utilize traditional services smartly. 

Do your plans get throttled?

The short answer – No. The topic of speed revolves around area user congestion. Here’s an example… You roll your R/V into the tailgating section of the parking lot at the Super Bowl. Legions of fans surround you, populated by cellular data-loving social media users sharing photos of every painted bare-chested super-fan they see. Everyone will have slow Internet. Outside of these conditions, regular population access should see you humming through cyberspace at breakneck speeds. Legally speaking, if the carriers are working on towers near you, you may also experience slower speeds. Rest in the assurance any Freedom router gives you, especially when it includes redundant connections. 

Do I have to sign a contract? Do you have to run a Credit Check? Are these really month to month plans?

All of our plans enjoy our no contract, no credit check policy. Paid month to month, each payment is due before activating the next month of access.

What are the average speeds of you unlimited Hotspots?

LTE speeds available to your router are largely dependent upon one major factor –  the distance you are from the nearest cellular tower on our network. Our team works to optimize conditions on our end to maximize the output on your end. We are confident you will be pleased with speeds.

Will the Hotspot work for me when I travel?

(U.S.A. USAGE ONLY) Our team has built and compiled components that maximize the signal strength and data transfer speed under most normal circumstances. Some situations create obstacles that we’re inherently unable to overcome due to the limitations of available technology. In the case of our cellular routers, any place that has a relative line of sight to a cellular tower will enjoy fast and reliable Internet access. Any situation that places you at the bottom of a chasm or the top of the highest peak my produce less than ideal Internet connectivity conditions, as to be expected.

Is there a complicated setup process to get online?
Not at all! We streamline this for your convenience. Simply turn it on and go! Your router will automatically associate to the cellular carrier on bootup.
We’ve worked hard to make activating and setting up your service as simple as possible. Each device comes with a SIM card ready to activate. Once activated, you’re ready to connect to your router’s WiFi hotspot and surfer the web!


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