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Meet Growing Demand for Fast,
Dependable Internet Connectivity

Enhance Earnings and Connectivity with Freedom Connect: An RV Dealer's Edge

As an RV dealer, you know reliable internet is a must-have for RV owners today. With Freedom Connect from Open Road Mobile, you can meet this demand AND increase profits. Founded by RVers, we understand the need for fast, stable connectivity. Our device allows you to profit $110 per sale and charge install fees, while providing the premium speeds your customers want. Plus, you’ll pass along 1 month of free internet with every installation.

Benefits to You

What Makes Freedom Connect the #1 RV Internet Solution?

Freedom Connect RV Internet System, providing high-speed and reliable internet access on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? Freedom Connect taps into nationwide 4G/LTE networks for fast, reliable speeds. No satellites needed!
What speeds are available? Your customers enjoy up to 300GB of high-speed data, with three months of Internet included.
How is it installed?
Installing Freedom Connect takes just 30 minutes or less for your RV repair technicians. Our streamlined process makes it fast and hassle-free:
  • Strategically place the dome on the roof to optimize signal reception. Refer to our placement guide for tips.
  • Attach the dome securely using Dicore self leveling sealant.
  • Connect the cables from the dome to the access point router inside the RV. Detailed wiring diagrams provided.
  • Configure the router settings like WiFi network name and password. We provide setup instructions.
  • Download the router admin app to manage network settings from your phone or tablet.

Fast-Track Expertise: Streamlined Installation Guides for You and Your Technicians

With our comprehensive installation instructions and diagrams, your technicians will become experts after just a few installs. Feel free to contact our support team with any questions!

Freedom Connect Quick Start Guide

The Freedom Connect Quick Start Guide offers a brief, step-by-step overview for setting up your system, covering app installation, router connection, QR code scanning, Wi-Fi customization, mobile connection settings, control panel navigation, and password modification.

Freedom Connect Access Point Guide

The Access Point Quick Start Guide presents a succinct outline for setting up your Freedom Connect Access Point, including app installation, router connection, QR code scanning, Wi-Fi customization, mobile connection settings, access point usage, control panel navigation, setup guidance, and password modification.