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RV Internet Activation & Support for Tiffin Motorhome Owners

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Activate Your Cellular RV Internet

Freedom Connect Data Plans

Available on the same Network as AT&T

These Data Plans Are For use with our Freedom Connect System only.

To activate the Freedom Connect with one of the data plans here, you must enter the Routers IMEI# located on the back of the router during the activation process

Aries 150GB Data Plan

For Freedom Connect Device
$ 109
  • 150GB High-Speed Data
  • Up to 60 Hours of HD Streaming Video
  • Tailored for Moderate Data Internet Users


Saturn 300GB Data Plan

For Freedom Connect Device
$ 139
  • 300GB High-Speed Data
  • Up to 120 Hours of HD Streaming Video
  • Tailored for Those Who Need More

Registering your product ensures you receive timely firmware updates, useful tips, and expedited support when needed. Use the form above to register the Freedom Connect found installed on your Tiffin Motorhome.

Freedom Connect & Tiffin Installed Wi-Fi Extender Documentation

Self-Installation and Troubleshooting Documents

Freedom Connect Comprehensive Setup Guide: Streamline your Freedom Connect experience with our all-in-one guide, which covers both the Freedom Connect and Freedom Connect Access Point setup processes. Follow the step-by-step instructions to ensure a seamless and secure connection for your Tiffin Motorhome adventures.

These Comprehensive Setup Guides include the following:

      1. App download and installation
      2. Router and Freedom Connect connection
      3. Wi-Fi broadcast and security customization
      4. Mobile connection mode settings
      5. Control panel navigation
      6. Setup wizard guidance
      7. Administrator password modification
      8. Accessing Freedom Connect Access Point (if applicable)
      9. Mobile connection mode adjustments (if needed)

Freedom Connect Quick Start Guide

The Freedom Connect Quick Start Guide offers a brief, step-by-step overview for setting up your system, covering app installation, router connection, QR code scanning, Wi-Fi customization, mobile connection settings, control panel navigation, and password modification.

Access Point Quick Start Guide

The Access Point Quick Start Guide presents a succinct outline for setting up your Freedom Connect Access Point, including app installation, router connection, QR code scanning, Wi-Fi customization, mobile connection settings, access point usage, control panel navigation, setup guidance, and password modification.

Download Android App

The Android App offers a user-friendly interface for seamless control, configuration, and monitoring of your Freedom Connect system on the go.

Download iOS App

The iOS app provides an intuitive platform for effortless management and customization of your Freedom Connect system from your Apple device.

Freedom Connect Set-up

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How to use Campground WiFi

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Vanguard Connect

Auto Switching Across All U.S.Carriers with Smaller and More Affordable Plans

Upgrade your Tiffin Motorhome RV Wi-Fi experience with Vanguard Connect, our revolutionary RV Internet solution that ensures unparalleled connectivity throughout your journey. With Vanguard Connect, you'll enjoy seamless access to all U.S. carrier signals, automatic monitoring and switching between carriers for optimal performance, and fast, reliable internet connectivity. To learn more and make the upgrade, visit our Vanguard Connect page.

Discover the Power of a Connected Community

In the words of Simon Sinek, “Together is better.” A strong, supportive community is the backbone of staying connected, where each individual plays a crucial role in nurturing the collective spirit. Our RV Internet Solutions and the Tiffin Community amplify this connection, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds, keeping you closer to your loved ones and the community that matters most. As you embark on this journey, let us come together as one within the Tiffin Community, forging meaningful connections, celebrating our uniqueness, and experiencing the true value of unity in diversity. Our advanced RV Internet Solutions ensure that you stay connected, informed, and empowered, all while enjoying the freedom of the open road. Remember, in this connected community, you are not just a member – you are family.

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